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Are you addicted to sugar?

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Are you addicted to sugar?

Are You Addicted To Sugar?


Are you addicted to sugar? Have you been tricked by food marketing to think something was healthy only to find out it was loaded with sugar?! 


Most of our clients are shocked by how much sugar is in the food they eat because there are so many different names for sugar or sugar alternatives.


Research shows that the average American consumes 77grams of sugar per day, which is 3x the recommended amount. Keep in mind that this number only includes added sugar. Artificial sweeteners and other sugar alternatives are commonly hidden in products, especially beverages. In fact, beverages account for 47% of all sugar consumed.


The problem is sugar causes an inflammatory response in your body to help normalize your blood sugar again. Fiber is important because it helps control the rate at which sugar is digested. Even, healthier options like agave, maple syrup, and honey, can cause an inflammatory response, because of the speed at which they are digested. For example, an apple contains natural fructose, but is also high in fiber. Because of this, your body will digest the apple and sugar more slowly, as it converts it into calories for energy. A 12-ounce soda on the other hand contains 39grams of sugar (more than the daily recommended amount). Last time I checked, soda doesn’t contain fiber, so there is nothing to throttle that sugar. It rushes into your blood stream, give you a short burst of energy, and also a burst of inflammation.


As sugar hits your blood stream, it lights up brain, releasing dopamine and several other neurotransmitters, which is the very reason sugar has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine!



Here are 3 of our favorite sugar substitutes:

  1. Cinnamon- add in your coffee or protein pancakes
  2. Unsweetened Shredded Coconut- put in energy balls or oatmeal
  3. Unsweetened Applesauce- great for baking or even a quick pre-workout


The more sugar and sugar substitutes that you consume the greater you crave it! This is just as true for artificial sweeteners.


The next time you reach for that coffee creamer or glorified candy bar with protein in it, I challenge you to read the label and identify the obvious sugars, as well as the hidden sugars and artificial sweeteners.

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