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The #1 Diet Myth For Women

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The #1 Diet Myth For Women


If you’re a woman experiencing “uncontrollable” weight gain, then it may be because you still believe this diet myth. What is it?

MYTH: That reducing the amount you eat; will help you lose weight.

For years, I’ve been telling women the reason they keep getting fatter is because they don’t eat enough. This is so shockingly contrary to everything they’ve believed for decades that the concept of eating more to lose weight seems absurd. They simply can’t wrap their heads around the fact that eating more will lead to healthy metabolic function and fat loss.

I simply beg the question, “Well, how’s that been working for you?”

9 out of 10 women I meet with are actively trying to reduce their calorie intake. On average over 7 out of 10 women I meet with regularly consume less calories than their basal metabolic rate.

Basal metabolic rate is how many calories your body needs to sustain itself if you were in a comma. It doesn’t take into account, working out, walking the dog, brushing your teeth, etc.

When you consume less calories than your basal metabolic rate, your metabolism slows and begins holding on to fat. This is the method our bodies have employed for thousands of years to survive less abundant times.

The reduction in calories forces numerous hormonal shifts in the body, none of which are conducive to easily shedding fat and giving us access energy.  Add in natural hormonal changes that begin in mid to late 40s and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm of “uncontrollable” gain.  Add in major calorie deficit with the “occasional” binge, and you’ll be adding lbs like it’s your job.

The reality of this situation is hard to swallow and getting out of the storm is not something that can typically be done without some professional guidance. Partly because you need to have a clear understanding of what and how much you should be eating daily to heal your metabolism; and partly because once you’ve gone an extended period of time in a deficit, you’ll struggle to gradually increase your calorie intake to the appropriate levels. This process is called reverse dieting and can take several weeks or even months to accomplish.

So, I must ask, do you believe that reducing your calories is the way to lose weight?

How’s that working for you?

Exactly! Time to stop believing this diet myth and start… oh I don’t know… fueling your body correctly and getting results.

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