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Many of us workout and ultimately taking part in that action is beneficial for us.  Depending on a person’s expertise, and it varies from person to person, performing exercises correctly can be difficult.  That does not even take into account knowing the proper load to use.  Personal trainers help with those areas but still we can fall into different categories of a workout mindset or a workout focus.  One important area is the quality of movement a person possesses.  Another way to envision quality of movement is how well the body performs and activity.  The antagonist in this sense would be “moving weight.”  Which will be defined today by moving as much weight as you can, as many times as you can, any way that you can.

When a workout focus is on only moving heavy weight there can be problems.  These problems can arise immediately as well as over an extended period.  Three main ways moving weight leads to a problem is by; 1) performing an exercise with too much weight.2) performing repetitions of an exercise too quickly. 3)making a person use the wrong technique.  when performing an exercise with too much weight injury is a concern, along with bad form being a potential problem.  Both concerns come into play when overly heavy weight is used and contorting your body is a must on every rep. when the exercise is performed too quickly injury can again be a concern, but the bigger issue is fatigue.  This fatigue is problematic because it happens early or in the middle of the exercise and does not allow it to be completed. And when fatigue from fast reps occurs wrong technique is used and when wrong technique is used injuries are more abundant.  Moving weight although looking impressive can eventually turn to a detriment.  Wrong technique can turn into shortened exercises which leads to tightened muscles and shows bad form habits. Habits are always harder to break than to learn so learn them the right way and focus on quality of movement.

Good quality is valuable everywhere and it is no different in the gym.  Quality is in many different areas; the quality of your life, quality of workouts(duration), quality of exercises in those workouts.  Quality is put together through mobility as well as form while in the weight room.  Focusing on mobility will allow a person to be able to perform more exercises in a smaller amount of time because aches and pains are in check or even better nonexistent. Form is comprised of safely completing an exercise at the correct tempo and reps.  Form helps to protect the body from injury along with allowing the body to perform the exercise strongly and efficiently.  As one’s form continues to improve and then stay correct more interesting exercises can be given.  then exercises will become easier to complete and thus workouts can be more fun and have more variety.  When quality is the focus not only does the enjoyment of working out increase but the positive results from working out increase.  Remember being able to work out is much more important than being able to half lift heavy weights.

Keep in mind that when working out there are many categories of workouts and many mindsets to have in terms of workouts.  Each person must find the one that works for and fits them the best.  Go with the option that has more benefits and less downside.  Focus on the Quality of your Movement!

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