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Look Good! Feel Good!

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Look Good! Feel Good!

Look Good! Feel Good!

It’s time to get ridiculously simple! Let’s face it, people go to the gym for three main reasons.

  1. They want to lose fat. 

  2. They want to tone up.

  3. They want to feel good. 

In other words, most people just want to look good and feel good. That pretty much sums it up! There’s no reason to overcomplicate things, and yet, accomplishing each one of those goals seems like a nearly impossible challenge. What if I told you however, that accomplishing those three things is much more straight forward and ridiculously simple than you’ve been told. In fact, you can accomplish each one of these highly desired goals with five ridiculously simple steps. Are you ready? Here we go: 

  1. Metabolic Training: Also known as HIIT Training, Metabolic Training is faster paced and is intended to keep the heart rate fluctuating between relatively high and relatively lower intervals. Metabolic Training is great for higher calorie burn and fat loss. 

  1. Weight Training: Similar to traditional body building, this method of training focuses more around lifting medium to heavy weights with varying set and rep ranges. Weight training is the best system for increasing lean muscle mass, which gives people that “toned” look. 

  1. Functional Training: This system of training is how athletes train. The focus is more around movement efficiency than specific muscles. The goal is simple, to reinforce and strengthen correct movement patterns. Functional training assists with toning and fat loss, but is most effective in supporting healthy movement. In other words, it’s the feel-good training system. 

These three steps cover the exercise portion. The problem, most people only follow one of these training methods at a time. They do bootcamps, which covers the metabolic portion, but after some time passes, they stop seeing results. Then, they switch to weight training. While weight training, they increase muscle, but their body fat starts to increase, and their muscles or joints start to hurt. Then, they start doing functional training. The functional training alleviates the sore muscles and joints, but they struggle to get the physique they were hoping for. 

The solution? Doing all three simultaneously. People often ask me, what separate Pulse from our competition. The answer? We incorporate all three of these training systems at once for our semi-private training clients. That’s right, all three systems have a specific purpose, but our clients want the benefit of each one. So, why wouldn’t we incorporate all three? No one else, at least that I know of, does this. Combining these training systems with steps four and five is the key to losing fat, toning up, and feeling great. On to our final steps. 

  1. Nutrition and Supplementation: Eating right for your body type and taking supplements to make up for areas where you’re lacking. Again, pretty straight forward and ridiculously simple. 

  1. Consistency: Just keep going and stick with it. 

That’s it. I told you, ridiculously simple! A program that combines the fat loss system, the lean muscle mass gaining system, and the feel-good system, with proper diet and supplementation. Do it consistently and accomplish what you’ve always wanted to.

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