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Weight Training’s Impact On Flexibility

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Weight Training’s Impact On Flexibility

Weight Training’s Impact On Flexibility

Many will be surprised to learn this, but weight training is a great way to maintain and improve flexibility. All the way from the earlylate 1900s there was a lot of skepticism over the benefits of weightlifting. Many falsely believed that the increases in skeletal muscle mass would result in poor mobility and tissue quality. However, evidence showed this to actually be the opposite as early as the 1920s. In the mid 1900s, one anti-weightlifting professor was utterly shocked at a conference when he brought a weightlifter up on stage and simply asked the individual to perform a series of simple tasks like bending over and touching their toes. When the professor observed better than average mobility, he quickly shifted his stance and began both
researching and supporting weight training.

What has continued to be discovered and reinforced through research is weight training can improve your posture, reduce tightness in the muscles, and increase mobility. With regular weight training, you can become more flexible and mobile for both
sports to everyday activities. 

Flexibility is an important factor for overall health and wellbeing. It’s essential for preventing injuries while improving performance in any physical activity you take part in. To become more flexible, most people think stretching alone is enoughbut this isn’t the case. In fact, weight training has many benefits that can help to improve your flexibility and mobility significantly over time when combined with mobility exercises.

1) Weight Training Improves Joint Mobility

Weightlifting helps to strengthen the muscles around a joint which can improve its range of motion (ROM). This means that if you do squats or overhead presses regularly as part of your strengthtraining routine then these are likely to help you increase joint mobility overtime by strengthening the surrounding muscles that support it . This improved ROM means that everyday tasks such as reaching up high on a shelf or bending down low will become easier as they require less effort due to increased joint mobility gained through weight lifting exercises.

2) Weight Training Increases Blood Flow


During weightlifting exercisesblood flow increases which helps bring essential nutrients like oxygen into tight areas of the body such as joints, tendons, ligaments , fascia etc. These nutrients help reduce inflammation while also helping promote healing within these areas which then leads to improved flexibility across all muscle groups. As a bonusincreased blood flow also assists with postworkout recovery too!

3) Weight Training Strengthens Muscular Imbalances

When it comes to having good flexibility throughout our bodiesit’s important not only balance out muscle groups but also ensure that no one particular group is stronger than anotherFor example if our hamstrings are overly tight due to their being stronger than our quadriceps then we won't be able move properly from side to side during activities such as running or playing sports . To combat this common issue , performing various weighted exercises specifically targeting those weaker muscle groups will help strengthen them up so they match their other counterpartsleading us towards better overall flexibility!


4) Weight Training Helps Balance Out Postural Problems

Our posture plays an important role when it comes down poor range of motion in certain areas because if we're hunched over all day due bad habits at work or home then chances are our spine won't be able move freely through its natural range either! That's why strengthening certain muscles such as those found within the core will greatly assist with improving postural problemswhile simultaneously boosting overall movement capabilities too. So don't forget about weights when looking into ways how best tackle postural issues!

5) Weight Training Is Good For Mental Health Too!

It's not just physical health benefits we get from weightlifting; mental health benefits come along for the ride too! Weight training regularly increases endorphins levels within our brains meaning we're more likely to experience feelings happiness/ contentment after each session. Stress has a negative impact on our tissue’s pliability, so the mental benefits actually make us more resilient to the physical impacts of mental stress.


So next time someone tells you weight training will ruin your mobility, remind them how beneficial weights actually are for improving overall flexibility!

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