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Recover From a Back Injury Faster

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Recover From a Back Injury Faster

Recover From a Back Injury Faster


Back pain is a common issue that many people experience, but it doesn’t have to be
debilitating. There are a number of ways to fix lower back pain and get you back on your feet. With the right approach, you can find relief from your soreness and start feeling better again.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with low back pain is that it’s essential to continue being physically active. While taking rest days may seem like the best way to alleviate the discomfort, inactivity can make your lower back even more sore over time.

Maintaining physical activity helps keep muscles strong and flexible, which prevents further injury or discomfort. Exercise for lower back pain should focus on strengthening core muscles while protecting painful areas from additional strain or stress. This way, you can improve your posture and reduce future episodes of low back pain without causing harm or further injury to yourself in the process.

The best exercises for lower back pain are those that target core strength as well as flexibility around key joints like the hips and shoulders– all of which play an important role in maintaining posture when performing everyday activities like walking or sitting down for long periods at work or school desks.. Here are some examples of exercises you can do:

• Planks: Planks help strengthen core muscles while also improving balance and stability around key joints like hips and shoulders– two areas often affected by poor posture leading up to low back injuries in the first place! To perform a plank correctly: Start on all fours with hands directly beneath shoulders; slowly straighten legs behind body so only toes touch floor; hold this position for 1030 seconds (depending on fitness level) before releasing; repeat 23 times per session.

• Bridges: Bridges help engage deep abdomen muscles while also promoting hip mobility– helping reduce tension felt within these regions when suffering from low back issues! To perform a bridge correctly: Lie flat on your back with knees bent at 90 degrees; lift pelvis off floor until just upper thighs remain touching ground; hold this position for 10 20 seconds (depending on fitness level) before releasing; repeat 2 3 times per session

• Hip Flexors Stretch: The hip flexor stretch helps promote flexibility around major muscle groups within this region– allowing greater range of motion during everyday activities! To perform a hip flexor stretch correctly: Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart; bring one knee up towards chest while keeping other leg straight out behind body (ensure thigh remains parallel to ground); hold this position for 10 20 seconds (depending on fitness level) before releasing ;
repeat 2- 3 times per side during each session.

• Single Leg RDLs : Single Leg RDLs target gluteus medius/maximus muscle group which plays an important role in stabilizing pelvis during dynamic movements such as walking/running . To perform single leg RDL’s correctly : Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart ; raise one foot slightly off ground then hinge forward at waist until torso is parallel ground ; ensure opposite leg remains straight throughout movement whilst remaining aware not too lean too far forward , return upright & repeat sequence 812 reps each side depending upon fitness levels.

By incorporating these exercises and stretches into your daily or post workout routine, you will be able increase mobility & strength within key muscle groups required to maintain good lower body alignment & prevent any future bouts of Low Back Pain. Not only will regular exercise help improve overall performance, but also decrease chances of further injury occurring.

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