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“Personal” Training Misconception

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“Personal” Training Misconception

“Personal” Training Misconception

When it comes to personal training, there's a vital distinction that often goes unnoticed by those embarking on their fitness journey. It's easy to see an exercise and deem it effective, but without integrating it into a comprehensive program, its effectiveness can be significantly diminished. This understanding is what sets Legacy Personal Training apart, especially through our semi-private training model.

The Universal Foundations of Fitness

Regardless of one's age, fitness level, or aspirations—be it a professional athlete aiming for peak performance, a grandparent wishing to play with their grandchildren without pain, or a middle-aged individual striving for better health and aesthetics—certain principles apply universally. These include:

  • Mobility and Stability Training: Essential for everyone, these practices enhance functional movement and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Strength Training: A cornerstone of physical fitness, it builds muscle, increases metabolic rate, and forms the foundation of a robust physique.
  • Metabolic Conditioning: Critical for improving cardiovascular health and efficiency in burning calories.


Moreover, the concept of periodization—adjusting one's training program periodically to prevent plateaus, minimize injury risk, and ensure continuous progress—is a staple in effective fitness programming. These adjustments, known as training phases, are pivotal in keeping the body challenged and responsive.

Movement Patterns

Another universal aspect of fitness programming is the acknowledgment of fundamental human movement patterns, such as pushing, pulling, squatting, and hinging. Training these patterns is crucial for everyone, as they are the basic movements our bodies are designed to perform.

The Role of Personalization

Given these universal principles, where does personalization fit into the equation? The key lies in understanding that while the foundational elements of fitness programming are applicable to all, the specific exercises selected within those frameworks can and should be highly individualized. For instance, the squat movement pattern is fundamental, but the way it is executed can vary significantly—from a simple sit-to-stand movement to a weighted barbell squat or even a jump squat. Each variation serves different purposes and has different requirements.

At Legacy, personalization is at the core of our programming. We recognize that each client possesses unique strengths, weaknesses, and personal objectives. To address this, we've developed a proprietary system to assess and score our clients in every movement pattern. This assessment allows us to identify the most suitable exercises for each individual, ensuring they receive the maximum benefit from their training program.

Customization in the Semi-Private Model

Our semi-private training model embodies the essence of customization within a shared cost environment. In this setting, each client follows their own personalized program, meticulously crafted based on our comprehensive assessment process. This model offers the best of both worlds: the personalized attention and tailored programming of one-on-one training, coupled with the motivational atmosphere and affordability of a group setting.

What’s important to understand, is that fitness requires both layers of universality and individuality. A personalized approach does not necessarily mean reinventing the wheel. It means taking sound programming principles and adding the final layer of customization to create the perfect program.


Customization in fitness programming is about much more than just selecting random exercises. It's about creating a coherent, purposeful plan that addresses the individual's goals, leverages their strengths, and supports their weaknesses. At Legacy Personal Training, we don't just look at your fitness journey as a series of workouts; we view it as a narrative—a story uniquely yours, written with careful thought, expertise, and a deep understanding of the principles that underpin effective training.

If you're ready to embark on a fitness journey that's truly tailored to you, within the supportive and dynamic environment of semi-private training, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us. Let's start writing your story together.


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